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Founded by independent hoteliers dedicated to the art of exceptional hospitality, WorldHotelsTM offers one of the finest portfolios of independent hotels and resorts around the globe, expertly curated to inspire unique, life enriching experiences. WorldHotels is comprised of four unique collections, each with its own personality and style.

Discover a World of DifferenceTM in 200 destinations worldwide and let us help you craft your next stay.



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Celebrated. Renowned. Iconic.

WorldHotels™ Luxury represents the pinnacle of the WorldHotels collection. It provides effortless style and modern excellence to the discerning traveler. These naturally elegant properties are iconic landmarks, recognized for their exceptional service and unbeatable amenities as part of their individual interpretation of what ‘luxury’ means. Within the collection, luxury is embedded in the property’s history, in the captivating local culture, and in the benchmark of the personalized experiences curated for guests.

WorldHotels has a collective mission to showcase independent hoteliers who turn the ordinary into the extraordinary; the WorldHotels Luxury collection does just that with its celebrated, iconic, and renowned properties.

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Elevated. Stylish. Unforgettable.

WorldHotels™ Elite presents a curated collection of stylish properties that embody local charm and high-end hospitality. Travelers craving memorable experiences are drawn to these hotels for their settings in some of the world's finest locations. Showcasing remarkable service and first-class amenities, these hotels are bursting with character, going above and beyond to provide guests with an unforgettable stay.

Each of the WorldHotels Elite collection independent hotels shares the values of refined aesthetics and elevated standards, impressively shaping lasting memories for each of their guests.

Immersive. Bold. Unexpected.

WorldHotels™ Crafted has a collective mission to showcase independent hoteliers who turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Through design and creativity, these hotels capture the spirit of their destination and create long lasting emotional connections with their guests. These hand-selected lifestyle hotels form an inclusive collection; guests range from young travelers seeking inspiring alternatives to chain hotels, to seasoned explorers in search of something less conventional.

WorldHotels Crafted caters to those who crave immersive experiences, innovation, and exceptional service. These properties draw inspiration from contemporary and fine arts, whether it be in design, gastronomy, architecture, fashion, music, literature, or any cultural movement that genuinely resonates with the hotel's philosophy.

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Authentic. Welcoming. Connecting.

WorldHotels™ Distinctive comprises a collection of individually established hotels connecting travelers with prominent destinations around the world for a warm, welcoming stay. Each property has its own distinct atmosphere and perspective, placing an emphasis on friendly staff creating a casual, convenient hub for guests to feel comfortable.

WorldHotels Distinctive offers inviting experiences in carefully selected upscale hotels and resorts, ensuring a memorable stay for frequent travelers and business guests in the know.