Each month we take you to the best destinations and reveal new and exceptional experiences.
Discover the best hidden places and plan an escape with a different perspective!

A fascinating trip down under!
Brisbane, Australia

Run a marathon
Take on the challenge!

Dare to dream big, compete in a marathon!
Amsterdam, Netherlands​

Destination Australia & Run a Marathon

Visit sunny Australia or take a challenge and participate in marathon!

Sydney, carnival celebrations
Sydney, Australia

Discover a blend of environments and landscapes.
Melbourne, Australia

Our hotels in Australia
Australia, Asia Pacific

Unesco World Heritage
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A journey to delight your palette around the world!
Daniel Vienna, Austria

Worldhotels Christmas Special
Lucia Weihnachtsmarkt in der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin

The best Foodies' Events in the Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Culinary Experiences & Christmas Special

November it´s time to get ready to celebrate with a special taste!

​Culinary traditions to discover
Rome, Italy

Explore the Foodies Neighbourhoods
Buenos Aires, Argentina

10 Best world trips for wine lovers

Feed your inner foodie
Culinary Experiences

​There are countless reasons to visit California...
​San Francisco, California

​Scuba diving
​​The best spots around the world

​US National Parks
​Sequoia National Park

California & Scuba Diving

This month unveil the mysteries of the ocean or discover the golden state

​Discover the beauty of California
California, United States

​Plan a special escape!
Scuba Diving

Borrego Springs

Los Angeles, California
California, United States

​A Trip to the Motherland!
​Tangier, Morocco


​Life in its purest form

September, 2016

Get ready for the magnetism of Africa and connect with your wildside!

​​Great Barrier Reef


​​Everglades National Park


Discover the best of Germany!
Berlin, Germany

Malaysia, shopping paradise!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Spa experiences in Germany!
Berchtesgaden, Germany

August, 2016

This month discover Germany and shop like a local!

Go local, discover the best markets!
Hong Kong market, night retail

Vietnam, traditional markets!
Hanoi, Vietnam

Alternative shopping!
Berlin, Germany

German traditions
Cologne, Germany

Discover the best US National Parks!
Yosemite National Park, US

Discover the most heritage sites in the world!
Venice, Italy

NY State Parks, breathtaking Indian Summer!
Niagara Falls, US

July, 2016

This month surrender to the majesty of UNESCO World Heritage or take a break in the US National Parks

Nature, the jewel of heritage!
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Natural Wonders, Sequoia Natural Park
Sequoia National Park, US

UNESCO, safeguarding traditions!
Petite France in Strasbourg, France

Plan the best Indian Summer!
Yoshua Tree National Park, US

Discover Italy´s hidden gems!
Le Cinque Terre, Italy

Skydiving myths & tips!

Discover Italy´s best culinary traditions!
Rome, Italy

June, 2016

This month go skydiving to feel the rise of adrenaline or be delighted with Italy´s charm.

The perfect skydiving spot
Algarve, Portugal

Taste of Italy, wine tourism
Toscana, Italy

Adrenaline for inexperienced, tandem skydiviving
Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Summer, time for festivals!
Rome, Italy

Malaysia, discover paradise

Music festivals, get ready for outdoor festivals!

Discover local´s Kuala Lumpur!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

May, 2016

Let us take you for a ride through the best music festivals in the world and discover true paradise in Malaysia!

Back to the basics with opera and classic music festivals

Malaysia, the natural side
Malaysia, Sabah

Jazz festivals, a tradition in Europe

Malaysia, a paradise for shopping lovers
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Copenhagen, the alternative side
Copenhagen, Denmark

Most prestigious tennis tournaments

Follow the northern lights
Umea, Sweden

April, 2016

Celebrate Spring with a visit to Scandinavia (get your insider´s guide) or attend one of the many exciting tennis tournament around the world!

Attend a tennis Grand Slam

Stockholm, the trendy city
Stockholm, Sweden

Tennis championships, unique courts

Discover the charm of Gothenburg
Gothenburg, Sweden

Top tips you shouldn´t miss
San Telmo. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Don´t miss the best film festivals!
​Berlin, Germany

Join the local beat
Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires

March, 2016

This month of discover the best corners of Argentina´s capital and be inspired with new ideas for your next trip with film festivals

Discover the natural side
​Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia, Argentina

Unusual film festivals​
​Incredibly Strange Film Festival, New Zealand

​The best outdoor cinemas
​Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, NYC, United States

The coolest cinemas in the world​
​Pee Pee Islands, Thailand

Amsterdam's ​secrets unveiled
​Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The most interesting Formula 1 facts
​London, United Kingdom

Top tips to attend a Formula 1 race
​Sao Paulo, Brazil

February, 2016

Looking for a vibrant experience?. Plan your escape to the always visit Amsterdam or feel the adrenaline of Formula 1.

Discover the vibrant life!​
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Unique architecture
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Formula 1 street circuits
Monte-Carlo, ​Monaco

The best Formula 1 circuits
​Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The most romantic getaways
Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Join the celebrations!
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mardi Gras
Sydney, Australia

January, 2016

Begin the year with positivity! Visit India and attend the colorful Holi Festival or join one of the worldwide carnival celebrations. It´s up to you!

Holi Festival: the origins

Diwali: unique traditions

Join the parades!
Madrid, Spain

Discover the hidden gems
Mumbai, India
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