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Empowering True Independence

This is the essence of our Worldhotels' Blueprint, our reason WHY!

In today’s crowded marketplace with more consumer choices than ever before, only your unique story can establish an authentic connection with today’s experiential guests. Worldhotels helps you to uncover this story through Start with WHY – unveiling the core essence of your hotel.

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Over 100 of our hotels have discovered their WHY and started their journey to bring their hotel's blueprint to life.

We have inspired training, dedicated consultation and personalized tools to allow you to implement your own WHY. We will discover your story and use your unique theme to craft a personalized, emotional narrative that will leverage your communication strategy, and help you lead with the renewed power of your hotel brand.

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Case Studies

"Start with WHY" inspires hoteliers to achieve the guest experience that is perfect for them. Start your journey with us now and learn the best practices to Start with WHY at your hotel.

Hotel Balmes - "Going Beyond Your Needs"

“Our new born service culture is all about providing experiences that money can’t buy. Our uniqueness is based on building emotional connections of great value to both the guests and the team that will last a lifetime.”

Silvia Alonso, Director of Rooms, Hotel Balmes


Royal Park Hotel - "Every Day Luxury"

The shared vision and involvement developing our ‘Every Day Luxury’ brand has empowered all departments to ‘buy in’ as we infuse many aspects of ‘Every Day Luxury’ within all areas of the hotel.”

Susan Keels Director of Sales and Marketing, Royal Park Hotel


Lan Kwai Fong Hotel - "Celebrating Hong Kong’s Charm"

"The Start with WHY workshop provided our team with the opportunity to rethink our day-to-day work and processes, and decide on a united direction for future success."

Agnes Cheng, Director of Communications, Lan Kwai Fong Hotel


dana hotel & spa - "Experience the pleasure of giving"

"The workshop is extraordinary! An essential next step in activating our blueprint and propelling our team culture. By end of the workshop the team was energized and confident in articulating our blueprint along with a strategy in place and action plan to launch this hotel wide."

Liana Clark, Director of Sales and Marketing, dana hotel and spa


ACME Hotel Company - "Do Your Thing"

“Our desire for self-expression is genuine and reflected not only through our offerings, but through our design, amenities, and the personalities that radiate from every staff member. “Do Your Thing” goes beyond a tagline. It is the basis for the culture we have created.”

ACME Hotel Company


The Caesar Hotel - "Welcome to our Family"

"The WHY was a very refreshing and energizing format that enabled us to build on our foundations and strengthen our core values.  It has allowed us to grow by having open discussions as a family and dealing with any blockages within the business."

Lee Melville, General Manager, The Caesar Hotel


Craft your WHY in 3 Questions

  • 1. What is our reason for being? Why should anyone care about us? 
  • 2. What are we good at / our strengths as an organization? 
  • 3. Where do we as an organization, add value into the lives of our guests?
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Visibility. Consistency. Repetition.

  • - Visibility: ensure visibility of your WHY in your signatures, collaterals, business cards, presentations, banners, offers, newsletters, and dashboards. Think about all the possible touchpoints and ensure your WHY is present.
  • - Consistency: ensure that you consistently repeat your WHY message throughout all communication channels and all activities!
  • - Repetition: once or twice is not enough. Repetition helps to get the message across and allows it to be memorised. The art is to strike a fine balance between enough to be remembered but not so often that it becomes invasive. Apply consideration to the cycle of these messages.
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4 Tips to bring your WHY to Life

  • - Inspire your staff to do good work for you, think about your staff by looking at the organization through their lens, taking a walk in their shoes. 
  • - Work together with people within your organization to create your purpose/WHY; get people involved. 
  • - Find a way to express the organization’s impact on the lives of customers, clients, students, and patients. 
  • - Whomever you’re trying to serve, make them feel it. 
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