Top 5 Social Media Mistakes Made by Hoteliers

Social media offers hotel owners a marketing powerful tool. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and WeChat combine the trustworthiness of word-of-mouth recommendations with the global reach of the internet. Yet many independent hotels fail to fully take advantage of the power of social media. Is your hotel making these classic social media mistakes?

#1 – The Zombie Account

The account is online, but it’s not truly alive: it’s a zombie account. To bring your account to life, you need to engage with your account actively. Remember, you’re competing with all of the other personalities and businesses that your audience follows, and all of their friends.

The Solution: Reanimate your zombie accounts by investing more time into them. Delegate the task to responsible staff members with good social and writing skills, ensuring your accounts are updated regularly and comments are responded to within 24 hours. Alternatively, commission a service provider – your web agency, or a media agency– to handle social-media marketing for you.

#2 – The Rambler

You’re posting regularly, but your content isn’t capturing anyone’s attention. People aren’t interested in reading lengthy posts about day-to-day hotel operations. They’re dreaming about their next holiday, actively planning their accommodation or wanting to share their memories with friends – and your social media account should empower them.

The solution: Good photos are the ticket into winning the interest of your audience. By posting compelling, high-quality and relevant photographs, you engage your potential guests on an emotional level, enticing them to find out more. Monitor which posts get the most likes, and use that feedback to shape your content.

#3 – The Underpowered

You’re all set up with an interesting, active account – but your followers still number in double digits. Your audience is the fuel that powers your social-media engine, so it’s essential to build up a critical mass of followers.

The solution: Concentrate your power; don’t dilute it. Reduce the number of your social media accounts to one or two, if necessary. Then launch a few big promotional campaigns. Advertise on relevant websites and offer prizes for new followers. Offer guests an incentive to follow you on social media, such a loyalty points, upon booking. And don’t forget the power of a simple poster or card at your reception desk.

#4 – The One-Way Street

Your posts might get “likes”, but they’re not motivating people to reply with comments, or to share your posts with friends – and this interaction is the key to social-media success. Your account needs to be a two-way street, stirring readers to respond to you and to advocate to their friends about your hotel.

The solution: invite interaction in your posts. Ask a question that people will be keen to answer: “Our view of beautiful Bondi Beach. What’s YOUR idea of the perfect beach holiday?” Run a small weekly contest, in which people can enter by sharing or commenting on the post. Follow-up is important: Engage with your commenters. And take note of which posts win the most comments and shares.

#5 – The Non-Earners

Your social media accounts are succeeding online, but they’re not translating into real-world benefits to your business’ bottom line. There’s a gap between your social-media presence and your hotel, which means you’re missing opportunities to boost your profitability.

The Solution: Integrate the power of social media into every element of your marketing. Immediately after guests complete their booking, give them an incentive to post about it on their own social-media accounts. For the cost of a complimentary cocktail or coffee, they advocate for your hotel to hundreds of friends, family and other followers. Draw in new customers by personalizing your communication. And encourage happy customers to celebrate their holiday memories by posting great photos of your hotel.

Sounds complex? It’s easy with

The Advantage helps turn guests into advocates for your hotel, using the power of trusted word-of-mouth marketing to boost interest in your property. Pre-stay, post-stay, and photo advocacy all combine to get as much social presence out of your guests as possible. After you integrate, your accounts will grow without any additional effort from you. You can feel free to set up your own platform for integration - but is much easier and faster, especially for hotels that don’t have a dedicated social media staff member or team.

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