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Learn how to build customer loyalty

How to build customer loyalty

It is easier and cheaper to keep current guests than finding new ones. In today’s competitive travel industry, you have to put a real effort into maintaining a solid customer base. It is not enough to offer good service to hold on to guests. The following tips will help you to win and maintain greater traveler loyalty.

Provide great service
Deal with your guests efficiently, promptly and politely. Listen to their needs – people will remember this and they won’t forget good service. Make sure your employees know how to handle and answer phone calls. Train employees on basic communication skills. Make sure all relevant personnel know how to handle complaints promptly. Truly engaged employees are brand advocates and by share their passion with guests by delivering excellent customer interaction. The authentic and compelling behaviour of your employees will create brand ambassadors and you will be firmly fixed in your guests’ minds.
Keep in touch
Out of sight is out of mind! Gather as much data about your guests as possible and keep it up-to-date. Reaching out to them with special offers or sending them birthday cards will built an emotional connection. Do not stop the conversation with your guests once their stay at your hotel is over. Keep on sending communications throughout the lifecycle of the customer. Do not bombard them with e-mail offers but keep in touch with them for the whole year and show them that you truly value them. Go through your data first to find out the best activities to suit your loyal guests. Let them know what activities or special offers you have going on. Use social media for this too.

Remember your guests
Addressing your guests by name will always be appreciated, especially when they are not expecting it. Make sure relevant staff knows your regular guests by name. Take notes of their favorite rooms, birthdays, anniversaries or special requirements. This is a reason people will talk about you.
Leave a good last impression
Make sure your guests leave with a good impression of their stay. Give them a little gift to take home to keep their great stay in mind. This can include a box of chocolate or a gift bag of your toiletries. As a follow up send a personalised and handwritten thank you note a few days later. Show them your appreciation for choosing your hotel, regardless whether they chose it because of your pricing, convenience or revenue. Let them know that their stay is important to you.

Ask for feedback
Ask your regular guests for feedback, do not take them for granted. Recommendations and negative feedback may be your opportunity to impress and leave a long-lasting impression. Give people a reason to talk positive about you. Instead of questionnaires use face-to-face interviews to gather feedback about what needs to be improved. Guests will feel appreciated when asked for their opinion.
Wow your guest
Always look for (inexpensive) opportunities to go an extra mile. It is your chance to exceed expectations and to wow your guests. Give them a reason to return. Customer loyalty will certainly pay off.

Reward loyalty
Treat your frequent guests once in a while with an exclusive deal. Nothing annoys loyal guests more than hearing about an offer that is only available to new guests. Rewards in the form of points, cash back and discounts can help to engender goodwill. Loyalty programs can increase repeat customers, which will boost your revenue. A loyalty program can also put you ahead of your competition and gives you a competitive edge.

Be flexible

Be flexible when offering a customer loyaly program. Offer your guests the opportunity to earn and redeem points beyond your own brand. Your guests will appreciate it.

With Worldhotel’s own Loyalty Programme Peakpoints, you as a Hotel reward your guest with Peakpoints. Guests can also collect miles with frequent flyer programmes, rent a car at preferred conditions or benefit from exclusive credit card when they pay with their respective credit card. If you need further information, please contact Worldhotels’ Loyalty Team at

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