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Why reputation matters?

Influence your online reviews

Online reviews have become a major force in the hotel selection process. But if you want to manage your reputation effectively, you need the right tools. Worldhotels have partnered with TrustYou, the world’s largest guest-feedback platform. TrustYou filters quality statements and analyses exactly what is being said and how it’s being said.

Let’s take a closer look at the world of online reviews, and how you can stay a step ahead of the competition.

How important is online reputation?

The numbers speak for themselves:

- 95% of travelers read reviews prior to making a booking decision.

- 3 in 4 travelers are willing to spend more for a higher rated hotel.

- Travelers are almost 4 times more likely to book a hotel with higher review scores than an equally-priced lower-scored hotel.

The bottom line: A successful hotel can’t ignore the importance of customer reviews.

Negative reviews: Nuisance? Or resource?

No manager enjoys reading a critical review of their hotel. But it’s important to remember: negative reviews are not a burden, but a valuable opportunity. These reviews reveal helpful insights into how well your hotel is meeting your guests’ expectations. You get timely intelligence about potential problems with your hotel’s facilities or service, so you can make targeted, cost-effective improvements. Hotels that not only monitor and respond to negative reviews, rapidly and honestly, but also improve on the root causes of the negative reviews will come out winners in the long run.

Responsiveness pays

Imagine this scenario: you receive an alert that a guest has written and published a review of your hotel, and it’s unfavorable. What should you do?

Research shows that 4 in 5 travellers say that an appropriate response to a negative review from a hotel manager will “improve my impression of the hotel”. And remember, your response will be read not only by the writer of the review, but also by all future visitors to the review page online. So it’s important to respond to all negative reviews in writing, and within 48 hours.

The right response: 3 simple steps

Ready to write a response? Here’s a simple three-step guide to writing a response to a negative review.

1. Start with a “Thank You”: address the guest by name if possible, and thank them for taking the time to write a review.

2. Say “Sorry” and be specific: apologize for falling short of expectations and address the guest’s specific complaint. Are you making changes in facilities or service to ensure it won’t happen again? Tell the guest.

3. Show that you care: Invite the guest to come back and re-experience your hotel. Sign off with your name and a contact number or address.

Once you’ve written your response, you should ensure that it appears on all sites that show the original negative review. The good news is that TrustYou makes the entire process much easier

Take a professional approach - with TrustYou

The realm of online reputation management is too important to ignore, and too complex to manage single-handedly. TrustYou partners with Google as well as other tech companies and the world’s leading travel businesses. It has the global reach and proven tools to make better use of the valuable (and free!) resource of customer reviews. TrustYou services give you up-to-the-minute intelligence about guest opinions from multiple sources around the internet. So you can stay on top of your online reputation, and make the changes necessary in order to delight your guests in the future.

TrustYou’s Reputation Monitoring solution comes fully equipped with the industry’s leading online reputation management dashboard, a powerful mobile app (TrustYou Radar) and a fully integrated guest satisfaction survey tool. Thanks to TrustYou Stars, it’s easy to push reviews and your responses to Google, as well as to your own website. So you can ensure that your response can be seen by all potential customers who read the original review. As a member of the Worldhotels family, you’re entitled to our preferred pricing deal on the TrustYou suite of software tools.

Start enjoying the proven TrustYou advantage today. Visit the TrustYou website:

Or send an e-mail to this address:

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