The Golden Global Sales Rules

5 Techniques Independent Hotel should know

The hotel industry follows a continuum of constant evolution, it’s hard to keep up. In today’s somewhat recessionary economy, independents and smaller businesses are the first to suffer against the stronger brand chains. Independent Hotels are faced with potentially making an already lean budget (or staff) even leaner.

On top of this, global procurement has changed and more companies are trying to simplify their booking process by streamlining (and potentially reducing) their number of selected hotels. It would be fair to feel overwhelmed with the pressure to produce the right sales activities to increase global sales under these conditions. So how do they cope, and indeed, increase their global sales output?

The simple answer is refocusing and reinvesting, and there appear to be five golden facets of Global Sales that hold fast against the tide of change, and, if explored properly, can increase new business and tap into unmanaged areas of high potential regardless of economic volatility. Follow this set of golden rules and you should start to feel the weight shifting away from your shoulders.

Golden Rule Number 1: Negotiated business keeps you on trend.

The process of streamlining and maximising the generation of RFP bookings, a largely dynamic process that admittedly demands continuous maintenance, follow-up and production. The beauty of the results achieved here though is in its’ close cooperation with Group Sales and its’ ability to stay on top of developments, trends, target corporations and production in order to optimise hotel performance in this area.

Golden Rule Number 2. Non-negotiated business diversifies leads.

In non-negotiated business, focus should be firmly placed upon three areas. The first priority is the continuous increase in the production of Travel Management Companies (TMC) / Consortia agreements. Alongside this, attention should also be awarded to Global Corporate Value Programmes that target emerging markets (think India, Russia and Brazil) via local sales offices and marketing partners and finally, a careful eye on new small to medium companies (SME) via bespoke travel programmes.

Golden Rule Number 3. Don’t overlook Consortia and Travel Agencies.

As the travel industry continues to evolve, Travel Agents have proven their worth and continue to be a viable component of the hotel reservation process, and they’re here to stay.Not only do travel agencies influence client decisions, and deliver simplified processes and generate savings, but they can also offer support if problems arise or services are not delivered to client`s expectations. This human support system can build lasting bonds and turn the dissatisfied guest into a loyal customer before they check-in.

Moreover, Travel Agents are neutral, believable and wholly represent their client’s interests. In our experiential economy, us Travellers tend to possess short attention spans and the trend for ‘life hacking’ couldn’t be better suited to those consortia partners who have direct and instant access to all those multitudinous products and rates; they are experienced in travel and have specific knowledge about destinations.

What savvy guest wouldn’t want direct access to the full range of products (hotels, car rentals, airlines, cruises, tour operators) that usually requires tireless organisation?

Travel agents also happen to be the key source of higher rate business for hotels – there is a golden opportunity to leverage this information by keying in to travel agencies through partnerships and sales efforts. Participation in these programmes is key to positioning your hotel in all front end systems and to travel consultants and clients globally. Participation also enables you to benefit from multiple distribution channels, move market share to your hotel and provide you with new business opportunities.

Golden Rule Number 4: Find an effective MICE service.

Wherever relevant, all hotels benefit from group, meetings and incentive products. The Service Charter adhered to in MICE products defines quality standards and is essential for a successful group lead conversion. Find a great MICE product to develop new business opportunities as well as maintaining and expanding existing accounts – this will simultaneously ensure that all leads and responses are efficiently managed by affiliated hotels. Make use of all tools available to drive results towards these goals.

A good quality MICE product will provide dedicated Key Account Managers and Group Desks in various key regions, specific and selected tradeshows, sales missions, hosted buyer programmes and customised activities aimed strictly at the Meetings & Events markets to ensure increased business. It will also form strategic partnerships to increase lead generation from an established client base and target higher conversion.

Golden Rule Number 5: Leisure business is big business.

Travel planning is becoming more complicated each year — which is why the advice of an expert can make all the difference. In an era of highly individualized vacations, travellers have more tools — online travel agencies, review sites, booking apps — at their fingertips than ever before. But when it comes to expert advice about a destination and customisation, you can’t beat a good agent. That’s why we have teamed up with various Leisure Travel Agencies to drive more leisure bookings to your hotel.

Here's an additional golden rule for you: Find the right Partner to make those rules a reality.

The Worldhotels Global Sales Strategies and Programmes focus on expanding the potential of our existing business and further build on our excellent track record, particularly through increasing new business via unmanaged, standard boking travel and MICE business.

Contact the Worldhotels Global Sales team to help take your revenue to a new level. Learn more about the key programmes and initiatives that can maximize your business and diversify your distribution. From our very own travel agent portal and newsletter, programmes for top corporate companies, and our portal for small & medium sized companies and business travelers. Our Global Sales service and network of preferred partnerships will show how Independent Hotels can gain returns of global proportions.

Contact our Global sales team at for more information.

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