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Customer Surveys: Facts Hoteliers Should Know

Today, guest reviews have become a must-have. Before choosing a hotel, guests carefully check online reviews. According to research, 87% of travellers are influenced by online reviews and tend to trust them as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Understanding the importance of guest surveys

Reviews and recommendations not only provide hotels with valuable data and insights about guest satisfaction but also help to discover areas of weakness. Surveys show that 76% of guests are likely to pay more for a hotel with “excellent” reviews. Each review published on your website increases the amount of unique content on your site. Hence, reviews can give you more search visibility in the major search engines.

Research your hotel ́s reputation

The best thing to do before setting up a customer survey is to research your own hotel’s reviews – the ones you have been gathering yourself as well as the ones on review sites. This helps you to identify your areas of improvement.

KISS - Keep it short and simple

There are two ways to conduct surveys - on-site or post-stay. For either of these methods, you need to make sure that the survey does not take up more of your guest’s time than necessary. Try to keep it short, so it won’t take longer than five minutes to fill in your questionnaire. Surveys should not include more than 1-2 dropdown/checkbox answers, 3-5 ratings, and one text answer. Keep in mind that every extra page you include in your survey will decrease the response rate.

Inform your guests

Your guests will appreciate it if you inform them in advance that they will receive a survey and how long it will take them to fill it in. By telling guests the reason why they’re receiving your survey, guests will feel listened to, which can boost the response rate.

Carefully design your post-stay email

You should pay attention to the look & feel of your post-stay email. The subject line, the body as well as the content need to be attractive to motivate your guests to provide valuable feedback. Guests who take time to leave a review are more likely to come back to your property as they feel loyal towards your hotel.

Read your reviews and reply to guests on time
Make sure you carefully and regularly read and reply to your online feedback. Always keep in mind that guests want a balanced stream of positive and critical reviews. By focusing only on positive reviews, potential travelers might perceive your reviews as inauthentic.

No fear

Don’t be afraid of negative feedback. Reviews including constructive criticism can tell you what you are doing wrong and give you the opportunity to improve your services.

The TrustYou Advantage
Worldhotels has partnered with Trust to provide solutions for businesses to analyse reviews across countless platforms and languages worldwide, tweets and posts across the social web. TrustYou gathers trusted reviews directly from your customers and uses your guests’ authentic conversations to successfully market your reputation online. TrustYou Stars survey solution provides the tools to enable success whether your hotel is collecting guest feedback on-site or post-stay. Furthermore, you can maximize survey benefits through the utilization of the entire guest feedback platform.

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