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Building long-lasting relationships with your customers

Building long-lasting relationships with your customers

In today’s competitive world forming customer relationships is a crucial component to success. Great relationships don't just happen -- you need to add value to your customers’ experience to make those connections grow. For strong and sticky customer relationships you have to improve customer service and reduce customer dissatisfaction. The following simple but powerful tips will help you to maintain long-term relationships with your guests.

Be reliable

Your hotel is selling promises of making your guests’ stay enjoyable and stress-free. Your guests trust these promises. Hence, your service must be consistent as trust is an essential ingredient for long-lasting relationships.

Build trust

So how can you build trust? Building customer commitment and trust is fundamental and it will pay off in willingness to recommend, in customer retention and also in increased booking numbers. Keep your integrity and be honest about how long it takes to get certain things done and what your staffs’ capabilities are. Do not promise anything you will not be able to provide. Make sure that if you say something, you will deliver, on schedule. Misleading your guests will disappoint them, the relationship with them might fail and you will lose business.

Learn about your guests

For great customer relationships, you need to know your guests. Your staff should remember your regular guests’ name, their needs and wants. There is no easier way to differentiate your hotel from others than by the guest experience you deliver. Experience is even more important than facilities. By learning continuously about your guests’ needs you will extend your relationships and “wow” them on every single visit.

Continuously improve the experience

Listen to your customer, there is always something that could be improved and be aware of innovations within the hospitality industry. Your guests will appreciate your constant improvements and innovative features. It will give them the feeling that the value they are getting is increasing. For a constant improvement you need to set up a survey and take action based on the feedback you get from your guests.

Train your employees

Staff investment is key for forming relationship with customers. Develop your service team, guests appreciate well-trained and friendly staff.

React to complaints

Appreciate feedback, even if it is negative. Complaints give you the opportunity to improve your services and give you the chance to make something good. If you can successfully redeem yourself, you might be able to keep bad reviews from hitting social media and the web. Start looking at complaints in a positive sense. According to studies by Eastbridge Consulting Group, 70% of complaining customers will come back to your hotel if you fix the problem quickly. If you receive a complaint, apologize, thank your guests for bringing the issue up and promise to resolve it (only if you are able to keep this promise).

Stay in contact

The key to building long-term relationships is to keep in regular contact with your guests. Send them newsletters to keep them up to date with interesting events that are happening at your hotel. Regular communication will help you strengthening your relationships.

Reward loyal customers

Encourage your guests to stay at your hotel again. Give them special offers, something of value and stay in touch. If you reward them, they'll reward you.

Building long-lasting relationship is important for every business. Especially for individual hotels it is all about relationships, relationships, relationships. Don’t forget loyal customers are your best salespeople. Nurture your relationships and reap the rewards of strong guest relationships.

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