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8 Ways to Connect with Millennials

Discover a few practical suggestions to connect your hotel with Millennials:

1. Make your website mobile-friendly

Google punishes websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices so this is a good idea anyway. Space out links and buttons, use large font, avoid full-screen pop-ups, don’t use Flash, make sure your viewport is set correctly. Your friendly local website developer will be happy to help you.

2. Engage with social media

Billions of potential customers are already using Facebook, Pinterest and WeChat, so you should too. SnapChat is a favorite among Millennials. Use original, high-quality photography, engage actively and authentically with people online, and consider commissioning a social-media specialist service.

3. Adjust your pricing strategy

Millennials live longer with their parents because they can’t afford to buy their own house. They’re used to scrimping and saving, and have a good eye for a bargain. Win Millennials as guests with lower room prices, then offer a broad selection of optional add-ons to boost your revenue. Remember, though, that authenticity and originality matter.

4. Work with artists, musicians and makers

Convert your lobby to a performance space and invite musicians to perform. Display works by local artists in your rooms and shared spaces, add local delicacies to your menu, provide handmade soaps, offer original artisan goods for sale. Share information about the provenance of all these items.

5. Offer opportunities to learn

Yoga classes, cooking schools, walking tours, hands-on workshops: find experts in your community who have a passion, and invite them to share it with your guests. If your hotel lacks the right facilities, consider forming a partnership with a nearby organisation or business.

6. Promote your environmental credentials

Include information about your sustainability measures in your marketing material. Have you reduced water usage? Installed solar panels? Does your hotel have notable energy-saving features? Does your kitchen focus on locally-grown produce? Consider commissioning a sustainability consultant to find innovative ways to reduce your hotel’s environment footprint – then tell your potential guests all about it.

7. Offer guests opportunities to engage with your community

From a simple donation box to a morning planting seedlings in a nearby park: show your guests that you’re engaged with the community around you. Consider forming an ongoing partnership with one or two nearby not-for-profits that you want to support, and invite your guests to participate in authentic, practical ways.

8. Personalize

Everyone enjoys feeling special, and that holds especially true for Millennials. Instead of generic guest communication, try to incorporate personalized messages as much as possible. Gather more data about your guests. Gluten intolerant? Vegan? Live music fan? Cyclist? Wine lover? Use the information to tailor your communication, and also to personalize offers.

Millennials are here to stay

Remember: this generation is not just a passing fad. Within a few years, Millennials will represent more than 50% of working adults worldwide. As with any big demographic shift, changes can be made gradually, but they do need to be made. The above list of changes may seem daunting, but each one has the potential to deliver lasting benefits to your hotel beyond the Millennial marketing advantages.

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