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Get Your Kicks on Route 66 with Best Western® Hotels & Resorts!

Let Best Western Hotels & Resorts help you make your cross-country road trip on Route 66 an amazing experience! Route 66, also known as the Mother Road, connects the Midwest to the West Coast across eight states and nearly 2,500 miles, bringing American history to life. Hit the road this summer and get rewarded along the way! Book your stay today!

Where Are You Headed?
Route 66 weaves its way through eight states, from Illinois to California. Its path can be divided into four regions to help you plan smaller excursions, or make the full trip for an authentic Route 66 experience!

Region 1: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas

Region 2: Oklahoma, Texas

Region 3: New Mexico, Arizona

Region 4: California

You’re ready for the open road and fresh air, but are you really prepared for your trip? Let Best Western Hotels & Resorts help you make your cross-country escapade the best experience for you by getting started with some Frequently Asked Questions about this historic highway.

How long is Route 66?  
Route 66 originally covered 2,448 miles when it was established in 1926. Many sections of the Mother Road went through alignment changes over the years, though, shifting which cities it passed through or terrain it covered. As a result, the alignment you choose to follow on your road trip will impact your total miles traveled, but your approximate route will span between 2,400 miles and 2,500 miles.

Is the original road still drivable?    
85% of the route is still easily drivable with stunning scenery along the way.

Why is Route 66 not on ordinary maps?  
Route 66 is no longer an official federal highway, so it is not marked on ordinary maps like other highways. Don’t let that discourage you, though. Custom Route 66 maps are available from many retailers and online to help you plan your excursion today!

Why was Route 66 de-commissioned?   
Through the years, the federal government built a collection of high speed, interstate highways to bypass and replace Route 66.

Is Route 66 well marked with road signs?   
Although some organizations have posted signs here and there, they are not prevalent enough to be able to count on. Referring to a specific Route 66 map will provide a better travel experience.

Are there still places to eat and stay on Route 66?   
Yes, there are plenty of places to stay and dine. Best Western Hotels & Resorts has several locations along Route 66 for lodging as you travel. When it’s time to wake up and hit the road again, be sure to sample the complimentary breakfast at each location. For other meals, we recommend asking the hotel concierge for local eateries.

When is the best time to travel Route 66?   
Summer is road trip season! There’s no better way to spend the summer than cruising down the open road and exploring new places. From gorgeous temperatures in Chicago to a beachy destination in Santa Monica, make Route 66 the backdrop to your summer travel memories. With plenty of local events and festivals along the way, fun activities are sure to be in season. Stay in town a little longer, and book a night or two at one of the many Best Western Hotels & Resorts along the Mother Road. Best Western Rewards members get a $10 Best Western gift card for every night this summer!

What parts of Route 66 should be avoided?   
Once Route 66 was decommissioned as a federal highway, road maintenance began to vary from place to place. Through towns and major cities, you can expect a well-maintained road with good signage and lots to see and do along the way. Upkeep in parts of the Mother Road that stretch through rural passes may not receive the same regular maintenance, so it may be best to divert from Route 66 and travel along the existing highway in some areas. Don’t worry, it won’t be long before you can zip back over to the classic Mother Road again!

What is legendary Route 66 like today?   
Though many businesses closed when Route 66 was bypassed by modern interstates, a renewed interest in Route 66 has created a charming, retro atmosphere in recent years. With restored shops and restaurants stretching from Los Angeles to Chicago, this vintage treasure is sure to be on bucket lists of travelers from all walks of life.

What should I bring with me?   
It doesn’t hurt to have a checklist, so we’ll help you get started.

  • Driver’s license
  • Credit cards & some cash (just in case)
  • Phone & charger (portable charger too if you have one)
  • Water & snacks
  • Good company & music
  • Polaroid camera (this route calls for retro style photos)