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Enrich Miles by Malaysia

Travelling just got a whole lot sweeter

As an Enrich Blue member, you can expect enriching experiences every time you fly or stay at a WorldHotels property.

Enrich is more than just the traditional frequent flyer programme as it is not confined to reward those who literally live out of their suitcases. It incorporates a refined lifestyle where, as you go about your daily lives, you will be just as deservedly rewarded with Enrich miles.

World of Riches

World of Riches, the quarterly magazine from Enrich, brings you hot new offers and redemption specials from Malaysia Airlines and Enrich Partners worldwide.

Check out latest travel trends, Lifestyle tips or learn more about local flavors.

Teaser Image Double Enrich Miles by Malaysia

Double Miles with Enrich

Our commitment is to provide you the best in accommodation for anywhere you stay. That is why you may now also earn double Enrich Miles when you stay at selected WorldHotels properties in the world’s most precious destinations.

Teaser Image Double Enrich Miles by Malaysia

Enjoy Triple Miles with Enrich

Whether it’s business or leisure; beach retreat or city break, simply treat yourself to something special and don’t miss the chance to collect triple miles on your next vacation with selected WorldHotels! 

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Discover Malaysia

There’s an endless list of ways you can fall in love with Malaysia. Think you know everything there is to know? There’s still plenty of local wisdom, intriguing facts and secrets to pack into that suitcase of yours before you get arrive.