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Sales & Marketing Strategy

Adapting to a Rapidly Evolving Marketplace

The hospitality industry is driven by change, impacted by new technology such as Artificial intelligence, new payment systems (dominance in Mobile), Block Chain, Shared Economy and Internet Gatekeepers. To be well positioned to build a strong return on investment for our member hotels, we created a three-point strategy.

The Darling
The Darling - Sydney, Australia


  • Enhancing our capabilities to increase reach by focusing on developing more preferred distribution partnerships and utilizing pay for performance & incentive models to maximize our share
  • Partnering with best-of-class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and technology providers to enable cross-regional promotions by sharing guest databases in a noncompetitive way, as well as developing our business data bases to reach more travel agents and meeting buyers.
  • Driving more inclusions in corporate travel programs globally
  • Maximizing other marketing partnerships in key markets including close collaboration with our sister company ALHI™ to drive more meeting requests to our member hotel


  • Building a new e-commerce performance department focused on driving more traffic to our branded websites as well as improving the retail and conversion strategy of each of our member’s sites.
  • Renaming our GDS master chain code from EW to WW, to leverage the strong reputation of our WW chain code and continue to ensure our rate products stay top of mind at the relevant point of sales with our preferred distribution partners
  • Clarifying our value proposition through our new brand collections and classifications

Get Noticed—A Refreshed Approach to the Brand

  • Developing a new dynamic, UX optimized, website for
  • Developing distinctive assets including a refreshed brand and corporate Identity, new trade show booth, and enhanced sales collateral
  • Continuing to invest in educational Point of Sales activities to maximize fair share with our distribution partners
  • Enhancing our storytelling and media engagement by partnering with a new, globally recognized, travel-focused Public Relations Agency


Introducing the first and only hotel loyalty program that is Independently Rewarding.

Because everyone stays different.  Every guest harbors individual desires.  Every great independent hotel conveys a wonderous sense of place and personal touch.

Introducing the first hotel loyalty program that rewards that sense of independence.  A program that understands that the journey is enhanced by individuality and one-of-a-kind hotels delivering memorable and unique benefits.  It all starts with personalized guest recognition and continues with a custom Arrival Experience, A-List upgrades and Instant Personal Gratification Rewards.



Behavioral analysis and a guest feedback, TheList will begin to create Guest Dossiers and tailored pre- arrival reports to member hotels that allow them to deliver a more intuitive and enhanced experience and fulfill rewards through a best in class PMS CRM system.

Smarter loyalty means better R.O.I.  TheList is an intelligent loyalty program specifically designed for independent hotels.  Offers are customizable and always calculated to deliver additional room and auxiliary revenue per guest. 

Independence is best when done together.  TheList allows the best independent hotels to come together to do highly targeted customized marketing to guests who have common interests and who love independent hotel experience.  Our program coordinates hotels to work together to expand their reach regionally, nationally, and globally.

Customized Corporate Account Offerings.  In the future, hotels will have the ability to request customized instant gratification awards for top local and corporate accounts to drive more business.

 An industry first loyalty performance guarantee. TheList further solidifies WorldHotels transparency and commitment to being the best revenue generation company for independent hotels by guaranteeing a 3:1 return for every dollar its members pay in to the program.




"WorldHotels is an extension of our team. We have the same DNA."

Michael Platt | General Manager, Royal Park Hotel, USA

Royal Park Hotel
Royal Park Hotel - Detroit, United States

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