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Cheers to World Gin Day

Frankfurt, 29 May 2019 – The second Saturday in June is all about gins. The origins go back to 2009 and the Scotsman Neil Houston. He created the day of honor of the juniper schnapps to bring people together all over the world and drink gin. A toast to World Gin Day! WorldHotels™ celebrates it with six bar and sparkling cocktail recommendations.

Mykonos No5, Mykonos, Greece

On a hilltop overlooking beautiful Mykonos town across the azure Aegean Sea, Mykonos No5 offers privacy and exclusivity close to the crystal-clear waters of world-famous beaches. Amongst minimalist luxury, guests can enjoy a drink or two while listening to the relaxing sound of the waves. As the sun slides gently below the horizon, a gentle summer breeze and hand-made cocktails refresh sun worshippers.

Recommendation: The Hendrix Ginger Martini is very refreshing drink based on Hendrick’s gin, lime, ginger, sugar and cucumber and perfect for a long summer night.

Sanctuary Hotel, New York City, United States

Just one minute away from Times Square and the Rockefeller Center, Haven Roofto is situated on the roof of the Sanctuary Hotel New York. This great venue offers the most spectacular views of Midtown Manhattan. In this year-round rooftop oasis, guests can enjoy modern American cuisine, handcrafted cocktails, wines and cool music. The dress code is business casual. It is one of the places in New York City where you can enjoy the sun with a cold cocktail in your hand as well as party with your friends in the city that never sleeps.

Recommendation: Haven’s signature drink for the summer is called Orbit. It is a refreshing cocktail with Bombay dry gin, thyme syrup, basil and lemon juice.

Fleming’s Selection Frankfurt-City, Frankfurt, Germany

The best view over Frankfurt can be found at the Fleming’s Selection Hotel Frankfurt-City. The historical paternoster lift brings guests up to the skyline restaurant LugInsLand. From the sun terrace, guests can let their gaze wander over the roofs of the city while enjoying cocktails and seafood.

Recommendation: The Frankfurt Fizz, a drink made of cherry tomatoes, basil, Gin Sieben (a Gin based on the traditional, original Frankfurt recipe of green sauce), cane sugar, lemon juice, Angostura and soda water. A real refreshment!

Hotel Damier, Kortrijk, Belgium

In Hotel Damier’s high-end cocktail bar Sprezza, the world’s best bartenders are regularly invited to attend master classes and cocktail competitions. The head bartender, Thibaud Ducoulembier, creates delicious cocktails, some of them based on Copperhead gin, a gin that was invented by the owner of Hotel Damier, the Damier Group.

Recommendation: De Alchemist is a drink based on Copperhead gin. Ginger and lemongrass syrup are put in a slow-drip coffee maker. After going through a second receptable, the liquid changes color and is briefly infused with cardamom, juniper, ginger, Sichuan pepper and star anise. Finally, powdered acids are added, which give the drink its final color.

Beach Hotel Noordwijk, Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands

Beach Hotel Noordwijk is located on the lively boulevard of Noordwijk directly on the beautiful sandy beach. Beach Hotel is one of Hotel van Oranje's six restaurants and four bars, including the Imperial Bar in Las Vegas style.

Recommendation: At the Imperial Bar, cocktails made of Dutch liquors can be found on the menu, such as the small-batch pot-distilled Hermit gin, which is made of a drop of filtered sea water for a surprising saline finish.

Hotel Europa, Munich, Germany

Hotel Europa is located in the heart of Munich. In the recently renovated hotel bar, German gins are offered, including THE DUKE - Munich Dry Gin. Guests can enjoy the refreshing gin cocktails and long drinks in the magnificent hotel garden.

Recommendation: A Gin & Tonic with THE DUKE - Munich Dry Gin. This gin has become one of the German gin classics, containing 13 hand-picked ingredients from purely organic cultivation, such as juniper berries, coriander, lemon peel, angelica root, ginger, lavender blossoms and cubeb pepper. Hop blossoms and malt round off the gin and ensure a genuine Bavarian flavour.