Luxury Hotels In The
United Arab Emirates

While you are out exploring the world, make sure to save some time to visit the United Arab Emirates with all its natural and modern wonders. The country’s largest city, Dubai, offers an endless number of activities, from outdoor excursions to glamorous shopping and superb dining experiences. No matter what kind of traveler you are, there is something to satisfy every impulse, whether it is for adventure, delving into a new culture, sampling cuisine or marveling at the majesty of some of the UAE’s cities in the desert. In recent years, the UAE has become a premier destination for business and thrill-seeking visitors alike. International hubs like Abu Dhabi and Dubai have driven its development, transforming the country dramatically. What is more, Dubai is not only the glimmering gem of the Middle East, it has also become a shining beacon for modernity around the world. The UAE is a genuine success story you will want to experience first-hand. 

Dubai, UAE

Come and bask in opulence at your Dubai hotel. Gaze out across the skyline from a rooftop lounge or venture out and explore the sparkling city just outside your doorstep. Glimpse the iconic Palm Jumeirah islands off the coast or escape the heat and go skiing in the region’s only indoor slopes. Remember – no visit is complete without soaring up into the sky in the Burj Khalifa. This city caters to everyone, including the rich and famous, so indulge in some of the finer things while taking in the sights. The UAE is also known for its incredible landscapes, from the deserts just outside Dubai to the spectacular mountains and shores in the east. Everything is accessible by car, so take a day trip and head out for an afternoon of swimming at one of the picturesque beaches along the Gulf of Oman or discover renowned dive spots. With so much raw beauty combined with modern comforts, the United Arab Emirates is truly a destination that will dazzle you.