Luxury Hotels In Sweden

Offering everything from deep-blue archipelagos and Northern Lights, to killer fashion, food and design, Sweden is the perfect definition of the Nordic style. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a regular, the Swedish capital is always a rewarding city to explore – immerse yourself in the historic old town, shop at the markets in the Stortorget, or enjoy the parks of Europe’s first ‘green capital.’ Impeccable taste and attention to detail, and the prevalence of irresistible furnishings, textiles and lighting in cafes, restaurants and homes are mesmerizing in their moderation, simplicity and practicality. Meet up with old friends when you stay at a top hotel in Gothenburg or experience the famous industrial innovation and the possibility of a trip across the bridge to Denmark when you stay at a top Malmo hotel. 

Solna, Sweden

The best thing about Sweden is its natural assets: whether you are sailing across an archipelago to a lonely island or trekking along a trail flanked by snowcapped mountains, the sense of space, solitude, and freedom you will experience here is unmatched by any other destination in Europe. Here, ancient rune stones poke up out of grassy parks, while huge stone-ship settings and burial mounds recall long-gone kings and chiefs.

Across the country, walled medieval cities, seaside fortresses, turreted palaces and revealing museums attest to Sweden's long and complex backstory. Pitch a tent by a Baltic beach, ride a sleigh under the Northern Lights, and meet the Sami people, one of Europe's few indigenous people, to experience their rich and ancient traditions and for a different take on the Swedish experience.