Luxury Hotels In Peru

Peru is as complex and exquisite as its poncho weavings. A land where festivals mark ancient rites, the urban vanguard fuels innovation and nature awards you with superb diversity.

If you are a history lover, visit the glorious Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, explore the dusty remnants of Chan Chan - the largest pre-Columbian ruins in all the Americas -, fly over the puzzling geoglyphs etched into the arid earth at Nazca or venture into the rugged wilds that surround the enduring fortress of Kuélap.  Visit remote communities and see how old ways live on. Immerse yourself, and you'll leave Peru a little closer to the past. Lima’s great museums reveal in full detail the sophistication, skill and passion of these lost civilizations.

San Isidro, Lima

Peruvian cuisine is known everywhere in Latin America and here the choices dazzle. Great geographic and cultural diversity has brought ingredients ranging from highland tubers to tropical jungle fruits to a complex cuisine with Spanish, indigenous, African and Asian influences. Try ceviche, slivers of fiery chili and corn, slow-simmered stews and velvety Amazonian chocolate, and explore the bounty of food markets to sample grilled anticuchos (beef skewers) on the street corners and splurge a little on exquisite novoandina (Peruvian nouvelle cuisine).

From downtown Lima to smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, this vast country is a paradise for the active traveler. Giant sand dunes, chiseled peaks and Pacific breaks lie just a few heartbeats away from the capital’s rush-hour traffic, and all the usual suspects – rafting, paragliding, zip-lines and bike trails – are present. Spot scarlet macaws in the Amazon or catch the sunset over ancient ruins. Take this big place in small bites and don't rush. Festivals can swallow you whole for days and you'll realize that, in Peru, the adventure is the journey, not the destination.