Luxury Hotels In Norway

Discover a land of steep crystalline fjords, grand glaciers, and glorious Artic wilderness sprinkled with picturesque towns and cities with a stay in our pick of the best hotels in Norway. Nestled amidst the overwhelming diverse beauty of this land is Norway’s beguiling capital of Oslo: a cosmopolitan destination that certainly packs a hefty cultural punch! Add to the mix a buzzing nightlife with a myriad of local and experimental Nordic cuisine, and you’ll quickly see Oslo stands up to anywhere else you’ve been on your European adventures. The allure doesn’t stop here though: venture out of the capital to Trondheim, brimming with character and Nordic flair, or shimmering Bergen with its UNESCO-listed colorful wooden waterfront – both are must-sees on any Scandinavian tour! Yet, engrossing as Norway’s cities are, the real wonder of this land is the primeval appeal and stirring drama of its landscapes. 

Journey to sub-polar Svalbard in the far north and you’ll witness polar bears in the wild on its monumental glacier-covered peninsular. Then head to the Arctic tundra and you may also get to see the dancing kaleidoscopic lights of the aurora borealis; Norway’s light-pollution free wilderness is a perfect spot to catch this ethereal spectacle. To the west, taking a boat trip past waterfalls cascading into the icy green waters of Geirangerfjord must rank high on the scale of world’s prettiest voyages – in fact, you’d be hard-pushed to find any of Norway’s fjords that isn’t strikingly gorgeous. Take time out in our choice of luxury hotels in Norway and you’ll probably agree with your travel companions that this is one of the most beautiful countries you’ve ever experienced.