Luxury Hotels In The Netherlands

When thinking of the Netherlands, tulips, windmills, and wooden shoes probably come to mind - but the Netherlands have so much more to offer! Century-old traditions and innovation blend perfectly here: the artistic masterpieces of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh and Piet Mondrian coexist in harmony with hipster cafés, visionary architecture and cutting-edge design of cities like Rotterdam and a phenomenal nightlife.

 Experience the country’s welcoming hospitality and the authentic charm of its Hanseatic cities, where the hustle-and-bustle never ceases: whatever your personal taste may be, there is always something to do and see! Take a boat down Amsterdam’s canals and enjoy the luxury of the old estates at its doorstep, surf at Noordwijk aan Zee, or snack on cheese at an authentic cheese market. No matter where you choose to go, there are endless experiences for you to enjoy.

Do not forget to try out some of the country’s traditional produce - with rich flavors like spiced apples and native cheeses like Gouda and Edam, there is so much to explore!

With fabulously flat, scenic landscapes beckoning along every dike, canal, river and coastal shore, biking is one of Dutch life's greatest pleasures and a wonderful means of exploring and getting around. And best of all, you do not have to choose between highlights because all this and much more is within a two-hour travel distance.