Luxury Hotels In Morocco

Embark on a journey to Morocco, where Maghreb tradition blends with European norms. Let the impressive local landscapes, aromatic cuisine, and rich culture captivate your adventurous spirit.

Dive into the radiant red city of Marrakesh, where the rhythm of life feels energetic and inviting. The aromas of tagines (slow-cooked stews) will beckon you into an array of restaurants, and the murmurs of craftspeople in the medina will entice you to browse their handcrafted goods.

In Marrakesh and beyond, you’re sure to stumble across one of the many spontaneous Gnawa music performances, which channel an unforgettable crescendo of rhythm, dance, and history. To immerse yourself in another cultural tradition, try your hand at a local pottery workshop: under expert guidance, you’ll feel the generations-old craft come alive in your hands.

Over on the coast, Casablanca’s allure is undeniable. Dip into the city’s lively markets and savour the unique blend of modernity and ancient charms. This coastal gem is full of museums, galleries and cinemas, as well as green spaces for sport, trekking and nature.

Dakhla Morocco

The imperial city of Fez, adorned with ancient architecture, unfolds tales of Morocco's grandeur. The Atlas Mountains, adorned with luxury resorts against breathtaking vistas, serve as a tranquil escape.

For those truly looking to break away, take a short flight south down to Dakhla in the Western Sahara. Built on a sandy peninsula that forms a lagoon next to the Atlantic Ocean, Dakhla (also known as ad-Dakhla, in Arabic, and Dajla, from the former Spanish writing) offers a more temperate climate that’s perfect for outdoor activities like kite surfing and wildlife watching. Set between the golden Sahara and the clear blue waters, the fresh seafood and local Sahrawi traditions are a real delight. Make sure you set aside some time for an afternoon tea prepared in the custom way, where the symbolic sips celebrate the prolonged gathering of people around the embers.

Morocco and the surrounding region promise surprises at every turn, from its mesmerising landscapes to its delectable cuisine. So, set your compass towards this jewel on the coast of North Africa and unearth experiences that few travellers have before.