One of the smallest countries in the world, Luxembourg covers an area of just 1,650 square kilometers. Yet with approximately 500,000 residents, it’s more like a large town within a country. This small-scale city is a perfect place to visit because everything is within close proximity — creating a harmonious, high-energy environment. From the magnificent myriad of theatre and museums to its architectural gems and Michelin-rated gastronomy, Luxembourg is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Peruse the Museum of Modern Art, where you’ll find an eclectic collection of photographs, sculptures, textiles, and digital media. Or, listen to the orchestra at the Philharmonic of Luxembourg. Visitors are moved by its booming acoustics and local concerts. See the Notre Dame Cathedral, a monument built in the 17th century by Jesuit Priests. Then, visit Mosconi, an Italian restaurant found at the 13 Rue Münster in the Grund district of Luxembourg.

Witness the Parcs del la Pétrusse, a marvelous garden flowing with topography, rock formations, ruins of fortifications, and bastions. Venture off to Esch-sur-Sure, a tiny village outside of Luxembourg. Within its beauty, visitors will find a castle up on a hill to explore.

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