Luxury Hotels In Luxembourg

Good things come in small packages, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is perhaps the finest example of this truism. With roots stretching back to the 10th century, Luxembourg is steeped in history and rich in cultural influences from neighboring Belgium, France, and Germany. Situated in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg embodies the very best in continental countryside: ancient forests, rolling hills, and endless picturesque villages surrounding magnificent medieval castles. Stretching just 82km and 57km at its longest and widest points, diminutive Luxembourg is a charming slice of northern Europe that consistently ranks among the world's top three nations in both wealth and wine consumption. 


The Grand Duchy's capital, Luxembourg City, has a fairy-tale quality to its UNESCO-listed historic core, perched on a dramatic clifftop. Among the numerous historical delights dotted around the country, the fully restored Roman Vianden Castle is one of Luxembourg’s star attractions. Gaze up at the illuminated Bourscheid Castle by night and visit Clervaux Castle by day. The UNESCO-listed Old Town makes Luxembourg City one of Europe's most scenic capitals. Step into this enchanting city and explore its unique labyrinth of tunnels, bridges, and cobbled lanes.

Discover the fabled Bock Casemates, an intriguing honeycomb of rock galleries and passages hidden beneath the clifftop site of Count Siegfried’s castle. Dating back to the 1700s, the walls of the casemates reverberate with stories from Luxembourg’s fascinating past. Much of the country may have been damaged during the Second World War, but today this small country looms large in stature. By turning itself into a prominent world financial center, Luxembourg now guarantees a level of unequalled luxury for its lucky visitors. Outstanding natural beauty, a fairy-tale capital with an array of top-rated restaurants and museums all add up to make Luxembourg an irresistible tourist prospect.