Luxury Hotels In Brazil

Brazil is a country of beautiful sandy beaches, resplendent green rainforests, and vibrant cities. Its’ attractions include colonial towns, canyons, waterfalls, and beautiful tropical islands. Blessed with incredible color and variety, Brazil is a paradise for those travelers looking to “become one” with nature. On the other side, Brazil’s ferociously fast-growing economy, and dedication to global business development, makes it one of the most important business hubs in South America.

Natal Brazil

Brazil is also the perfect place for lovers of rhythm and music, with vibrant festivals year-round and a fervent lust for life. Enjoy the carnival atmosphere in Rio de Janeiro, Recife or Fortaleza, the flower-carpeted streets during Ouro Preto's Semana Santa (Holy Week) or the incredible blend of Indigenous, African and Portuguese folklore during the Bumba Meu Boi festival, in the Maranhão region.

If all you want to do is to replenish and unwind, sink your toes in the sand and sunbathe with a caipirinha – Brazil's national cocktail – in hand, or take in the beautiful landscapes of the dunes of Genipabu, in Rio Grande Norte. In Natal, Ponta Negra beach (pictured above) is a must-see with popular attractions and a lush landscape.