Luxury Hotels In Belgium

 Belgium’s biggest attractions are its medieval town cores, being the home to a bounty of UNESCO sites and many wonderful cafe-bars, which serve some of the world’s finest beers. However, there is so much more, from stunning kayaking rivers and rural chateaux to sandy North Sea beaches. There is a rich offering of cutting-edge museums and finely endowed galleries that unveil the complex history of what has been the melting pot of European art, from the Flemish Primitives, through Rubens and art nouveau, to surrealism, comic strips, and 21st-century fashion. Brussels represents a culture of contrasts while playing host to some of the most important international political institutions. For this reason, it is a country that rewards regular revisiting. We have an excellent selection of Brussels city hotels offering you a seamless connection to the contacts and companies that you need to facilitate your business in the city. 

Kortrijk, Belgium

Out West, we can offer you the perfect Damier hotel, in Kortrijk, in this breathtaking medieval city. Belgium's remarkable range of gastronomy far outweighs its’ size. Brussels and Liège can both offer the perfect waffle, while countless specialty shops sell some of the world's most indulgent Belgian chocolates.  Mussels are served with crispy, twice fried frites are among the best in the world. And their most proud offering of course, beer. Brewing is an art in Belgium with a stunning range of styles, most notably the six great Trappist beers, still created within active monasteries.