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City Trip Stockholm

City Trip Stockholm
City Trip Stockholm
September 16th, 2018

Take a melting pot of art, culture & design, throw in easy access to stunning coastlines and countryside, and what have you got? The answer is Stockholm: a cosmopolitan city at the forefront of the latest global trends. Music, fashion, and cuisine, the Swedish capital has it all!

Stockholm is spread across 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, creating a patchwork of vibrant and distinctive neighbourhoods.

Treat yourself to a room at the Hotel C Stockholm and you’ll find yourself in the heart of Stockholm. From there, you can walk to Gamla Stan. This is where Stockholm was founded back in 1252, and it’s also the site of the Royal Palace, Nobel Museum, and numerous ancient churches. Exploring the beautifully-preserved cobbled streets and medieval squares, you’ll feel like you’re in a fairy tale. Walk from your hotel to the metro or subway, and the rest of the city is your oyster!  

Easily accessible on foot in under half an hour, the island of Södermalm is known to locals as “SoFo” in a nod to the Soho districts of New York and London. As soon as you arrive you’ll see why! Everywhere you look you’ll see fashion boutiques, barbershops, and organic cafes. This is the undisputed hipster neighbourhood; where else would you be able to watch pottery being made by hand and browse for vintage clothes at the same time?

Summertime is when Stockholm turns into a paradise for festival fans. From June to August you’ll find a selection of events catering for all tastes and ages. Wander into any park on a sunny summer’s day and chances are you’ll encounter a circus show or folk dancing troupe performing as part of Parkteatern (Park Theatre).

For visitors with classical leanings, the Stockholm Early Music Festival is not to be missed. It’s appropriately held in the Old Town and features music and performances ranging from medieval, to baroque, to renaissance. Enjoy a history lesson on musical form before skipping back to Hotel C Stockholm.

The quintessential Swedish festival is the Midsummer summer solstice. Transcending class and background, it brings everyone together in harmonious celebration. The main venue is Skansen, a popular open-air museum and zoo located on the island of Djurgården. Grab a wildflower wreath and some traditional alcoholic snaps, then dance the night away!

From Skansen, walk along the waterfront to the Hotel Diplomat and enjoy a cocktail as the sun goes down over the magical Stockholm harbour... Or as down as the sun gets in summer!

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