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New Trends in Spa Treatments: Color Therapy

New Trends in Spa Treatments: Color Therapy
New Trends in Spa Treatments: Color Therapy
November 23rd, 2018


Humans around the world are not so different. Wherever we live, and whatever we do, we all have one thing in common: we love to relax. We work hard and then we relax. And the more we work, the more we need to relax. Which is why, since time immemorial, we've been working hard to find and develop new, and better ways to relax. One innovative form of relaxation currently enjoying a trendy revival is colour therapy.


It may not be something you’ve come across before, but there is evidence to suggest colour therapy dates back to ancient Egypt and China. Colour therapists believe that the seven colours of the rainbow relate to the body's seven main chakras. So, if you're feeling blue, a multi-coloured treatment could be just the thing to brighten up your day and lift your spirits.


The healing use of colour and light can be manifested in a variety of ways: exposure to light from coloured lamps, colour baths, and you can even wear cloths of certain colours on reflex points around the body.


The idea behind the practice is that colours create electrical impulses in our brains that stimulate hormonal and biochemical processes in our body. These processes either calm or stimulate us, depending on the colour. You choose the colour to suit your mood and let the light wash over you!


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Blue, the colour of the sky and water, is connected with desire, distance, and cold. Coldness slows down bodily functions. Thus blue has a calming and relaxing effect on the body. 


Green is the colour of nature. Green light calms and inspires at the same time. It provides recovery and regeneration.


Sunshine lovers may choose yellow. It’s believed to encourage a positive attitude towards life and a general sense of wellbeing.


Red, associated with fire and blood, is the colour of vitality and heat. Red will stimulate your circulation and contribute to a generally increased sense of well-being.


A growing number of spas around the world are offering colour and light-based therapies and treatments, either alone or to complement other treatments

Combine a colour treatment with a traditional massage in a luxury hotel set in peaceful surroundings and you’ve created the ultimate ‘me time’ experience. Go by yourself, or take a loved one to share in the relaxation!


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