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Moment marketing during events

Moment marketing during events
Moment marketing during events
August 15th, 2018

Moment Marketing during events

Moment marketing, or the art of reaching the right person at the right time and place, is on the rise. It is a novel trend that is quickly evolving into a new marketing strategy, something which will undoubtedly help shape the future of event marketing considering that the industry is mainly driven by memorable moments.

What is moment marketing?

Moment marketing capitalizes on having just the right message at just the right moment. This new type of digital marketing aims to connect people and brands, as if they were all present within the same room, by using offline experiences – TV shows and sporting events, for example – to trigger online interactions.

At first glance, it may give the impression of being completely spontaneous and sometimes that is the case, but for the most part it is planned out well in advance. Adidas, for instance, prepared their interactions on social media for the FIFA World Cup six months in advance. The social media marketing team planned reactions for some of the most predictable things that could happen and how they would respond on their social platforms.

However, as you might have guessed, for a campaign to be successful, one needs to perfectly align the content and the context, which is not always easy. Moment marketing capitalizes on a person’s need and their demand to satisfy that need immediately. Instant gratification and compulsion are the main drivers behind moment marketing.


Four key elements

  • Readiness: Event marketers need to anticipate when these moments may occur and be ready to provide an immediate solution for these spontaneous needs. For example, imagine that one of your attendees shares a story on Instagram using the hashtag of your event, just a few weeks before it is set to take place. Your brand, ready for such an eventuality, has prepared an ad that invites the reader to register for the event.
  • Relevancy: Relevancy is paramount for the success of moment marketing. Nowadays, consumers are extremely savvy at recognizing relevant messages on social media and ignoring those they deem irrelevant. Marketers should use any data, patterns, keywords or hashtags at their disposal, in order to stay relevant and capitalize on the moment.
  • Speed: Society is moving towards a mobile-first world, in which the speed in accessing information is what determines the success or failure of a marketing campaign. Technology used by marketers to support their activities should be fast and reliable, as a slow, non-responsive website, app, booking engine or social media post can mean failure.
  • Tangible satisfaction: Marketing professionals should offer a tangible satisfaction to the potential customer’s needs, as moment marketing capitalizes on a particular person’s wants at one specific moment, i.e. a laser-focused answer to a specific need. They also need to be very clear when explaining how they satisfy this need that the prospect is experiencing via precise language, digital assets (images, videos, landing pages) and calls to action.


The role of social media in FOMO

People increasingly see great live events on their social networks, either via a tweet by one of their colleagues, through a video recap on YouTube or by one of their friends sharing pictures on Instagram. They immediately start to feel a sense of frustration as they cannot physically be there and, unable to satisfy this need, they experience what is commonly known as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). There is a strong desire to act, perhaps by purchasing a ticket for a future event, for example. As such, event marketers believe in fulfilling such urges by providing people on social networks with opportunities to attend and share these events.


How to use moment marketing during an event?

The best way to leverage moment marketing on your event is to adapt this strategy to your property and the interests of your audience. Work with a creative team to produce interesting props, backdrops or special effects that have attendees reaching for their phones to capture the moment. You could have a photo prop – like an Instagram frame – to engage participants or you could devise innovative elements that your audience will want to show off to their friends. One particular event, for example, gives away collectible figurines designed to encourage people to attend every year to build up a collection. Just remember to be mindful of the type of event you are having and whether your attendees would appreciate these ideas. Another amazing way to unleash the power of moment marketing is to have your special guest speakers post content (images and/or videos) on their networks to build excitement around your event. Your event coordinator can also encourage attendees to find and tag themselves in photos or to comment on videos or live streams if they spot themselves or their friends.

To hit a home run with this cost-effective strategy, one must cleverly select the right opportunity and pair it with timely, engaging content that is also aligned with your brand – certainly not an easy task. The moment marketing revolution has only just begun, and we cannot wait to see how marketers will implement it in the hotel industry.


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