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Master your Hotel Web Copy: Learn our Tips

Master your Hotel Web Copy: Learn our Tips
Master your Hotel Web Copy: Learn our Tips
December 18th, 2018


Content marketing is a powerful compelling tool in your digital marketing arsenal when executed correctly. Crafting engaging website content is actually harder than it sounds. For your brand to stand out in this crowded hotel industry, you and your team need to put in the time and effort required to create great website copy that boosts your SEO rankings, increases your organic traffic and, ultimately, grows your direct bookings.


1. Choose the right writer

Many companies fail to hire the right content writer for their brands. Therefore, taking the time to make sure you engage the services of the right professional is a crucial step towards the success of your content marketing campaigns. Ideally, the writer you end up choosing should have experience creating actual digital marketing content for the hotel industry or hospitality sector. Hire someone who is comfortable with the topics you will be discussing and who is familiar with your intended audience. Selecting a writer with a marketing background will ensure your brand message is communicated with the right voice and tone every time. When assessing a potential writer’s portfolio, do not just focus on grammar, spelling and punctuation. Check to see if their content is polished and easy to read, if they convey complex topics in simple words, if their stylistic choices are appropriate and if they are able to develop attention-grabbing opening statements and conclusions


2. Create original content

Google’s highly-sophisticated algorithm severely punishes websites that copy other people’s content in an effort to prevent low quality content from ranking highly. When developing website content, it is important that you incorporate your unique perspective and original ideas to the topic at hand. This not only humanizes your copy, but also makes it more relatable. When giving an overview of your hotel’s story, make sure that your prospective guests can picture themselves right in the middle of it. Travel is an emotive experience; using personal experiences and conversational language in your narratives are excellent ways to connect with people’s emotions and to make your blog content more unique. More original content means more readers, more shares and standing out from the competition.


3. Know your audience

Buyer personas are incredibly helpful to your business. They are not just used by your marketing team; they aid with product development, sales follow up and help customer acquisition and retention. Having a clear picture of who your target market is will help your team anticipate what your audience needs to know, what kinds of questions they’re likely to have and what services and amenities they might be interested in. It will also help you make a connection with your readers, and that is really powerful in itself.


4. Create strong headlines

Good headlines spark your readers’ interest and encourage them to keep reading. Marketers argue that the headline is as important as the article itself, as 80% of visitors read the headline but not the main body of text. When crafting headlines, ask your copywriter to take their time. If possible, ask them to draft a few and select the one you like best. Bear in mind that headlines should be unique and short. They may have to be customized according to where they will be published – for instance, a headline that might be dynamite for Instagram may not fare so well on Twitter. Remember that headlines are the first thing people read and the basis potential guests will use to decide if they want to continue reading your website copy or not.

5. Make your content short and snappy

In the web arena, brevity is your friend. Learn to eliminate the fluff and see how the composition of your article improves significantly. Readers want brief, to-the-point articles that are filled with information. Layout is important too, so content writers should pay close attention to how they format their copy in order to help readers navigate through your site. Bullet points are extremely helpful if you’re looking to pack a lot of data into more digestible sections that are easy on the eyes. Remember that many readers choose to skim website pages, instead of reading, so use subheadings, paragraphs, numbers, bulleted lists and other formatting tools strategically to highlight the key elements of your articles and make your content much more user-friendly.

6. Think in terms of social

No content marketing campaign is complete without social media. When developing website content, writers should always be thinking of how this content will be distributed across the different social media channels. If web content cannot be effectively reused on social, it will have limited value. Content writers should be able to translate the article’s overarching message into social media friendly posts or tweets. Social sharing will increase traffic to your hotel website, so make cross-promoting your blog a must, and do not be afraid of sharing evergreen content multiple times across social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Bonus tip: You can use a content marketing solution like MarketMuse to regularly audit your content.These solutions analyze individual pieces of content and generate content scores based on the quality of the writing and how comprehensively a given topic has been discussed. It is an excellent way to verify that every piece of copy you create checks all the boxes in terms of quality, readability and relevance.


There is no magic formula to crafting interesting, inspiring website copy, but by implementing these tips, you can take the quality of your content to a whole new level. When it comes to content creation, polished, pointed, original copy is definitely the track to success.

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