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5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Promotions to Make Moms Melt

5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Promotions to Make Moms Melt
5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Promotions to Make Moms Melt
March 31st, 2018

Mother’s Day is coming up soon — have you planned your promotions yet? Do not worry, you still have time to pull it off. Here are 5 top Mother’s Day promotions to engage with your (potential) guests. Although on different dates, Mother’s Day is celebrating all over the world and you should make the most of your Mother’s Day marketing opportunity!

Photo and Video Contests

Emotions play a very important part in the celebration of Mother’s Day; therefore, photo contests are very effective for this campaign. Encourage your followers to upload a photo of themselves with their mothers or with their kids if they are a mother themselves on your Social Media channels, such as Instagram. User-generated content is not only fun and engaging, you can also reuse it later. Once uploaded your followers have to tag you and use a special hashtag created for the contest, but do not make it too complicated. Include a prize that is well worth your followers’ effort and chose the winner(s) randomly.

Mother’s Day Packages

Create special Mother’s Day packages which include a spa treatment, brunch or a dinner for two. Provide these packages at a discount compared to buying everything separately. You could also include a special discount for kids, so they can spend this special day with their mum.

Special treatment for mums

Provide a five-minute hand massage or neck massage for every mother on Mother’s Day. Make sure to promote in on Social Media before Mother’s Day. You could also give out a glass of champagne for every mother that joins your hotel for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or serve a special afternoon tea for a discounted price.

Twitter Hashtag

Every year there is a trending hashtag along the lines of #MotherDay2018 on Twitter. Make sure to use this hashtag, but also consider starting your own (which you can also use for your photo contest on Instagram).

Create a Personal Collage

People like reading personal stories and comments. Offer content that appeals to that by taking a personal approach to Mother’s Day. Ask your employees to share photos of them with their mothers or ask them to submit quotes of their mothers and put them as captions on pictures. You could also share the all-time favorite mothers’ and grandmothers’ recipes. Your followers will love it.

There are still lots of great ways to promote Mother’s Day at your hotel. Be creative or use our Mother’s Day marketing ideas to encourage children to thank their mothers for their unconditional love with a spa treatment or overnight break - the perfect Mother's Day presents.

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