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Berlin top bars not to miss while attending ITB 2019

Berlin top bars not to miss while attending ITB 2019
Berlin top bars not to miss while attending ITB 2019
March 3rd, 2019

ITB Berlin is fast approaching. Taking place between 6th and 10th January at the Messe Berlin in Berlin, the world’s leading travel trade show attracts industry professionals from all around the world. Networking is an important part of trade shows, therefore we put together a list of the most interesting bars in Berlin, which offer you a magic atmosphere to conduct business and enjoy delicious cocktails at the same time. With these bars, you can wow your contacts and leave a long-lasting impression.
Our top ten at a glance:

Buck and Breck, Berlin Mitte

The Buck and Breck is one of those bars that you don't just discover while strolling around: There is only a small sign with the imprint "Bar" that indicates the Buck and Breck. To enter, you have to ring the bell. This tiny bar has room for just 14 people. Inside, black dominates with a few golden accents. The owners do not want anything to distract from the excellent drinks. Not even the brand names on the bottles - they are simply omitted. In Buck and Breck, guests are completely dependent on the expertise of the bartenders. Tell them what you like, and they will create a tasty drink with your favorite ingredients. The bar was included in the list of the 50 world's best bars in 2016.

Address: Brunnenstraße 177, 10119 Berlin

Sharlie Cheen Bar, Berlin Mitte

The Sharlie Cheen Bar is located in the middle of the most popular neighborhoods in Berlin, directly on Rosenthaler Platz. The bar is chic and stylish and the menu ranges from exciting signature creations to cocktail classics. It is also very handy that the glass in which your drink is served is indicated in the menu. One of their highlights are the Highball Tastings, which are always dedicated to a certain topic, such as Moscow Mule or Bourbon.

Address: Brunnenstraße 196, 10119 Berlin

Mikkeller, Berlin Mitte

The idea of the Bar Mikkeller in Berlin Mitte is that of a simple, but upscale beer bar, where guests can drink beer in a professional, yet relaxed manner. The bar is equipped with 24 taps, both Mikkellers own beer and a selection of guest beers from some of the finest breweries from around the world. In the bar you’ll also find their very own sought-after spirits, and in addition carefully selected special bottles, always changing to keep things interesting.

Address: Torstraße 102, 10119 Berlin

Train Cocktailbar, Schöneberg

A converted S-Bahn wagon from the Golden Twenties is the home of the Train Cocktailbar near the Kleistpark in Schöneberg. The wagon was lovingly restored with cozy cushions and curtains, lots of gold on the ceiling and atmospheric light from chandeliers. The cocktails in the Train Cocktail Bar are delicious and freshly prepared. There is an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The cocktail menu offers everything from low-alcohol creations to classics such as Planters Plunch or Mojito to extraordinary creations such as Train Fever with rum and Train Soul with tequila.

Address: Langenscheidtstrasse, Willmanndamm, 10827 Berlin

Prinzipal Kreuzberg, Kreuzberg

They still exist, these places that completely enchant you. You only take a small step over the threshold and you will forget the trade show stress and immerse yourself in a world you never dared to dream of before. In this stylish bar, Golden Twenties' burlesque awaits you: Perfect cocktails are mixed, and, of course, burlesque shows are offered. The bar on the Oranienstraße promises "principally unpredictable, principally more amorous and principally different from anything you've seen in previous bars and clubs". The drinks list features more than 20 gin varieties. But not only gin is available in a wide selection. Rum, vodka, whiskey, bourbon, scotch and even absinthe are on the menu in several versions. Thanks to the attention to detail of the interior, the stylish outfits of the waitresses and barkeepers and the perfectly staged burlesque shows, one feels more and more transported into another time. Here, the Golden Twenties' attitude to life permeates you.

Address: Oranienstraße 178, 10999 Berlin

Bar Immertreu, Prenzlauer Berg

"Serious drink'n. No Wifi. Cash Only" is really all you need to know. The drinks offered at the Bar Immertreu are all classics or variations of classics - like the Black Walnut Manhattan or Insomnia Cocktail made of Gin Saffron and Peach Bitters. The interior is simple, very comfortable and elegant with a long bar and leather chairs. The most popular cocktail is The Seelbach. It consists of Bourbon, Cointreau, Angostura and Peychaud's Bitter. Filled with champagne, it is served in a silver cup. From subway drivers to members of parliament, everyone feels welcomed at Bar Immertreu. Gin lovers and bourbon lovers are guaranteed to get their money's worth.

Address: Christburger Str. 6, 10405 Berlin

Jigger Beaker & Glass, Friedrichshain

The small bar opened in 2015 and is named after the book from 1895 by the writer Charles H. Baker about cocktail drinking around the world. The concept of this bar is as simple: a relaxed cocktail bar, without compromising the quality of the drinks. You won’t find a selection of 50 different gins in this bar, but one, two at the most. Nevertheless, the menu is extremely varied. You can order a high-quality version of the classics as well as exciting creations such as the "BBQ Old Fashioned" with "Bacon Washed Bourbon", garnished with Cheddar. The menu offers 36 cocktails, numerous with homemade infusions.

Address: Gärtnerstraße 15, 10245 Berlin

Fairytale, Friedrichshain

A sign "Follow the white rabbit" leads guests to the entrance of the bar. Inside, too, there are numerous references to Alice in Wonderland and other fairy tales. This bar has been designed as a theme park for adults: Alice, the crazy hatter, the grinning cat or the red queen hide in illuminated showcases, on the walls and in the bathrooms. From the furnishings to the clothing of the staff, everything is dedicated to the fairytale theme. Male and female guests receive separate books, which spray different scents and contain small appetizers to eat. On the menu, guests find classic cocktails as well as own creations, which are based on fairy tale characters, e.g. Snow White and Rose Red, or Mogli, a very balanced drink of rum, chocolate and coconut. The room dividers and curtains in the dark bar create a homely atmosphere with intimate places. Legendary cocktails and drinkable narrative magic - an unusual and imaginative bar concept which sounds like a fairy tale of a thousand and one cocktail.

Address: Am Friedrichshain 24, 10407 Berlin


Schwarze Traube, Kreuzberg

In the Schwarze Traube, drinks are mixed according to the wishes of the guests. These can then be enjoyed in a room that combines Baroque style with Art Nouveau. The bar picks up on a concept that is becoming increasingly popular in Berlin - first-class drinks and cocktail culture in hidden little bars behind closed doors. Admission by bell only. The drinks are exceptionally good: high-quality spirits, house-made liqueurs, an array of homemade bitters. If you now think that this exclusivity also has its price, you are wrong. If you want to enjoy extraordinary cocktails with special service, you should definitely stop by the Schwarze Traube.

Address: Wrangelstraße 24, 10997 Berlin

Green Door, Schöneberg

Numerous bartenders learned how to mix cocktails behind the mysterious green door. The bell paves the way into the stylish bar with interesting wallpaper, a retro bar with ‘70s style. The bartenders provide balanced drinks and the best care. They know their trade and mix everything the thirsty heart desires. For the small talk at the bar you should speak English, because many international Berlin visitors come here for a drink or two. This is the bar to come to enjoy a piece of esoteric Berlin and meet typical Schöneberg personalities.

Address: Winterfeldtstraße 50, 10781 Berlin

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