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Management & Offices

Head Office World Hotels AG
Email: mail-us@worldhotels.com
Phone: +49.69.660 56-0
Unterschweinstiege 2-14
60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Fax: +49.69.660 561-99

Robert van der Graaf - Regional Vice President Full Licence
Europe, Middle East & Africa
Email: rvdgraaf@worldhotels.com
Phone: +49 69 66056 250

Céline Breitenbucher - Manager Hotel Development - Frankfurt Office
Scandinavia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Iberia
Email: cbreitenbucher@worldhotels.com
Phone: +49 69 66056 423

Christian Hribar - Director Hotel Development
Frankfurt Office
Email: chribar@worldhotels.com
Phone: +49 172 6972820

Regional Head Offices Development


NameExecutive Vice President The Americas, Tom Griffiths, New York





Executive Vice President Asia Pacific, Roland Jegge, Singapore


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