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Green Hotels

Discover a more environmentally-friendly way to experience the world. Our portfolio of Green Hotels offers the ideal accommodation for those demanding sustainability and responsibility wherever they travel.

Help us care for the world with our collection of inspiring and environmentally sound Green hotels. Whether through cutting-edge design, ethically produced and responsibly-sourced materials or fair-trade produce, we’re tremendously proud of our Worldhotels partners who have implemented environmental policies to protect the world we live in for future generations. We’re happy to show off our Green credentials – take a look at our portfolio of the finest eco-friendly hotels.


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Germany - Reutlingen

Situated on the doorstep of the Swabian Jura, beneath the crumbling ruins of Achalm castle, Hotel Achalm is the ideal location for a serene experience of Germany, complete with stunning views that challenge any hotel in Reutlingen.
AMA Andalucia Spanin banner 1
Spain - Islantilla

Combining comfort and convenience, the AMA Hotel Andalucía is sure to please guests looking for central, quality accommodation. This intimate and luxurious hotel in Islantilla/ Huelva offers its residents the best Andalucian experience in this charming Spanish region.
Maldives_Amilla Fushi_Tree House_Bedroom
Maldives - Baa Atoll

Amilla Fushi is a stunning Maldives resort comprising a choice of luxury lagoon, beach and tree houses on a coral island within the Baa Atoll, one of 26 stunning natural atolls in the Indian Ocean.
ARIA Resort and Casino
United States of America - Las Vegas

The iconic ARIA Resort and Casino is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas. Guests will enjoy 5 star luxury with a wide range of facilities, including 16 restaurants, 10 bars and lounges, 3 pools, full-service salon and spa, and the exhilarating casino.
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